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Alex Gebbie, Broker for P&D Property Management
Alex Gebbie, Broker for P&D Property Management

Are you a property owner looking to reduce your day to day stress and live a simpler life? Or perhaps you are a military family moving away from the area who wants to explore the idea of using your current property as an investment? Let PD Properties help you put together a property management program that will work for you.


We have an experienced team that can help you with all the work involved in managing a property including marketing, maintenance and managing the day to day activities. When your property is available for rent, we will customize a marketing plan so you can reach a huge audience of potential tenants who would be perfect to rent your home or building. We are local, so we know Connecticut. Working with a local firm just makes sense.


While you have many choices for property management in Connecticut, only one can offer you all these services. Call PD Properties today and you will be able to relax and enjoy stress-free property management before you know it.

Why We Stand Out

  • Proven Policies from 40+ Years of Experience
  • World Class Marketing and Photography
  • Experienced and Well Trained Staff
  • Insightful Income Maximizing Ideas
  • Added Layer of Liability Insurance
  • Monthly Online Financial Statements
  • Detailed Accounting
  • Fair Housing Standards Compliance
  • Extensive Vendor Relations
  • Bonded/Insured Employees
  • Credit and Criminal Screening
  • Credit Card Processing for Tenants
  • Direct Deposit for Tenants and Owners

Get a Free Rental Analysis

  1. Recommended Rental Rate and Anticipated Days on Market
  2. Steps to Prepare your Property for Renting
  3. No obligations! We provide this service free of charge.

Customer Success Stories

The names in these stories have been changed to protect the privacy of our clients.

Roger and his wife Stephanie are looking to retire soon but they have a condo which is under water. They bought it for their daughter who lived there for years but now has married and moved on to bigger and better accommodations. Alex and his team rented the property in almost no time for full asking price. 

Charlie is a high-powered military officer who has been transferred to DC for government work. He trusts us to manage, maintain and lease his 2 bedroom condo at Thermos on The Thames.

Jake and Michelle just had a baby girl and received PCS orders to relocate. They knew well in advance that they would be moving. I went to meet with them at there Oakdale, CT home almost a year in advance of renting their home. I gave suggestions on what to do to get ready for renters. They are looking forward to have a long-term rental property that will become a true investment. 

Derek has moved to VT, just got married and is starting a new job. He tried to sell his home with no success. He was disgusted with his agent but I have renewed his faith in the profession. I rented his house in no time to a great young couple, even in the middle of this terrible winter.

Amy and Kris received PCS order to move their family of 5 to Oahu, HI and only had two weeks to pack and leave. We rented their large home in the middle of December and the tenants are still enjoying there home to this day.

Alex and Scott are both out of town while we manage their units at Fairway Greens of Montville Condominium Association, Inc. Both young men with active lifestyles and are career driven. They like how we take control of all their management issues.

Daniel has a 4 bedroom house near UCONN and attracts many students to his well maintained home with a large open layout. His home rents for $3000 per month. When we started with Daniel he was only charging $2200 for rent. You can bet he’s happy with us.

Drake lives locally but doesn’t want to have to screen tenants, draft leases, and get involved with all the legal issues/fair housing issues with renting out his condo at Thermos on The Thames Condominiums, Norwich. He is handy, so he takes care of all of his own maintenance. Which is no problem for us.

While Armond was deployed his mother contacted me. I spoke with her for almost and hour in the middle of CVS Colchester. She was disgusted with the practices of her current property management company and had real concerns that we were any different. We were able to rent her son’s New London single-family home for over $200 more than she was getting with the other guys, put in place a much stronger lease protecting her son’s investment and she/they are now one of our happiest customers.

Brandon is an old friend of the family. His work has taken him to Orlando and now we lease and manage his New London home because he its under water. He has plans to sell his home using Alex Gebbie as his Realtor of choice.

Alison has a huge home in Andover (almost 4000 sqft). She has trusted us to manage her home because she wants to be closer to Simsbury for her daughter. Her daughter is a talented young musician and wants to be located closer to her school.